Slight spotting and cramping 10 days before period


Hi guys I am a first time poster and have been reading heaps of post. I have 3 boys, twins 6yo and a 3-5yo

We are currently ttc our 4th but third pregnancy.

I went off the pill start of May and have had 2 normal cycles, last month 8-12th June I only had a few days of spotting on and off and was a few hours in between, I had negative pregnancy test so just put it down to my body readjusting.

Yesterday a had a slight bit of spotting maybe 3 drops and I am really crampy, I am not due for af for another 10 days.

I did try and do ovulation tests 2 times a day but I never got a positive test from CD 12-19 so not sure if I may have ovulation yesterday or if I ovulated early

I’ve been on the pill since I was 16 and only stopped when ready to start for a baby I never had a cycle before my last pregnancies so not sure what to expect

Has anybody else experienced this. Any advice