Feeling hungry but nothing is appealing

I had a glass of milk this morning and then a few pieces of sushi at work. I havent wanted to really eat anything. I know I should eat. And my stomach just feels weird. It feels hungry but as soon as I put food or a drink in-front of myself I just feel repulsed. Its also 4 am and I work at 8 am but I cant sleep because I feel off. I thought maybe I would nibble on crackers just to get something into my system. And then I cut up an apple and I take a small bite and suddenly the apple has a weird texture or the taste is off or something is just wrong and I wont continue eating it. Ive been working out alot too recently because I was asked to play goal for a hockey team next year and I know not getting the calories is horrible. My body is starving but I cant get anything in my system. Does anyone have any tips on how to trick myself into eating? Or foods that have high calories/lots of nutrition that dont have a taste?

Update: when I got to work I picked up some fruit/apple sauce and poured it down my throat. Didnt let myself taste it but I got something in my system and the sugars really helped me feel somewhat better. Not the best solution but its a short term fix.