A request for my boy πŸ’™ tough to write and painful to feel

Shahad β€’ FT Mama to my sunshine boy πŸ’™ Hamad πŸ’™

I am aware that they make up half of your family tree, but in all fairness it doesn't feel like it. I have never been one to point fingers in an immature fit but what was done to me and to you is no small grievance.

In the months that you have been growing inside me, I have provided you with everything. Nourishment, a healthy and happy environment (despite the nightmarish situation they put me in), warmth and of course, love. You will want for nothing, I promise you that. I am prepared to give you my whole life and more. Your education, your wellbeing and your happiness are of utmost importance. I refuse to leave a stone unturned when it comes to being the best mother to you. I ask only one thing of you. That is, to love me and know that I am enough. You will be surrounded by so much love from me and my family. Your family. The loving half. The willing half. The generous half. I ask that you find happiness in the abundance of love you will feel from us. I ask that you see us as enough. I ask that you grow surrounded by joy, unaware of any paternal yearning. I will be father and mother to you. I will be your safety, security and solace. I only ask for your love in return.