Periods all messed up

Alison, 🌈 👶🏻 born 7/26/19

I had two consecutive miscarriages... one in December 2017 and another this past April... I’m also 39. Before these miscarriages I was always very regular exactly the same day each month and ovulation kits worked really well for me. Well here I am 3 months later and my cycles have been completely messed up and I’m soooo upset! My first cycle was 25 days second 35 and then 17 ... now it still hasn’t come and I’m a day late. How can I get pregnant again if my cycles are irregular and I can’t track ovulation?! Time is ticking with my age too. Can anyone tell me if they experience similar and how long it took your cycle to get back to normal after for MC? My first miscarriage I was fine and regular right away. I don’t know what’s going on. :(