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Is anybody else breastfeeding (pumping) for your little one in the NICU? I could really use some advice on how you're getting yourself up in the middle of the night (every 2/3 hours) to do it. I set alarms and sleep right through them apparently. I don't wanna lose my milk supply bc Im not waking up.

Update: My Lactation Consultant came up to see me when I was visiting today and I told her what's going on. She gave me an exercise called Power Pumping to try and see if it helps keep my supply up. It's on and off pumping every 10 mins for an hour. She said it should help keep my milk while he's here and I'm relying on a pump completely. She said as long as I'm getting 8 sessions and keeping up with the 2/3 hour schedule during the day I should be fine.