Hey ladies

Let me ask u a question...

If ur MIL makes shirts.

She has 5 grandchildren

2 girls 3 boys (boys 13 , 22 months and 20 months, girls 10 and due the 30th)

The 13 10 and 22 month old are my bfs (22 month old is ours)

She started a business making shirts onesies etc.

The baby who isnt born yet as soon as the mom sees a saying, image etc she wants shell tell my MIL and shell just make it. No charge. (Literally made her 40+ onesies and is still doing it)

She made my SS 8 shirts for school.

SD 5 shirts for school.

She said for me to tell her the ones i want for our son and shell make them... But charge us... Like wait ur gonna charge my bf to make our son shirts. But u just made 40+ free onesies, and 13 shirts and 3 shirts for the other grandkids but WE have to pay for the shirts for our son???

How would u feel??