Headache that doesn’t respond to fluids or Tylenol?


I’m 20 weeks Monday, I had preeclampsia with my last baby (symptomatic from 34 weeks, diagnosed 36 weeks delivered 37w) and possibly have ICP this time (woot!)

I have this headache today that feels a great deal like tension in a band around my head from the base of my skull across my brows. I’ve tried Tylenol, I’ve drank 64oz of water so far and 20oz of Gatorade (I’m having nausea issues still and not eating much so I thought maybe I was low on electrolytes) and it hasn’t helped/is getting worse. I also take low dose aspirin to prevent suture pre E.

Anyone have this? I know hormonal headaches are common and if I just need to sleep it off that’s cool but I’m a little worried this is a blood pressure issue 😬

I have NO swelling and eyesight changes, but I’m still soooo early for PreE I’m not sure what that changes about symptoms.