Huge debate going on between my husband and I

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I started reading out loud to almost 2 year old son the Harry Potter series for nap time and before bed time about a week ago now. Last night when I finished getting him ready for bed he actually grabbed the book off our night stand climbed onto our bed, sat down, opened the cover of the book, and stared up at me like to say “read me the book mommy.” He fell asleep within 5 minutes of starting.

Well I told my husband what happen, and he got upset because he doesn’t think I should be reading such a big book to a toddler. He said I should be reading Baby books to him. Honestly I’ve tried but he doesn’t seem all that interested in it. Harry Potter seems to calm him down a lot at bedtime and always gets him to fall asleep.

I also heard reading chapters book like that allowed actually helps with many things.


Should I stop reading the Harry Potter books to him, and just wait till he’s older?

Or continue doing so, and not care what my husband says?

Thanks for anyone who answers ❤️