Sleep apnea on a 19 months old


My daughter has severe sleep apnea and for treatment she has to use a cpap machine to sleep I have been trying to get her to sleep with it, it’s been almost a month and a half that I been trying to get her use to it but she won’t sleep trough the night with it just few minuets, the longest I had her on it was almost two hours but she was awake and crying and to get her distracted for her not think about it I put her a movie for her to calm down. I talk to her doctors the gave tips and everything I’m taking everything they have given me but I’m just wondering if there is someone else out there dealing with sleep apnea on their child or any loved one, by the way I’m pregnant and have severe morning (all-day) sickness making things harder than expected our goal is to get her use to it before the new baby(#2) arrives which is on February 2019 any advice I’ll be going back to school during the fall as a full time student.