Should I stay or go?

So I been with my husband now since 16. We been married 3 years. Life for us has been tough in every way and we have argued alot. 3 months ago I cheated and ended up telling my husband and cut ties with the guy I was talking to and my husband wanted to work through it. Well the guy I talked to made me realise what it felt to be alive and enjoy my 20s and made me realise to actually stand up for myself and not let my husband control me and not have to run all decisions by him. Well now I still am unhappy even after trying to work on my marriage the past 3 months. . I feel like I got married way to young now. But I tried to talk to my husband and told him I wanna leave again but he is trying to guilt trip me into staying and saying you don't love me or my family and don't care about me but I don't wanna stay in a marriage where I regret it. Any advice?