Smothering MIL or am I overreacting?


I had my babygirl Evie on Tuesday, 7/24. We didn’t tell many people when I was in active labor because I really didn’t wanna spend my labor with my phone going crazy and people wanting updates. Well my fiancé’s mom came up to the hospital the same day and was upset we didn’t tell her anything. I was discharged on Wednesday (I asked for early discharge) and his mom continue to tell me I should have stayed in the hospital longer 🙄 His mom continued to come over and visit EVERY DAY since the baby was born except for yesterday and that was only cause my dad came from out of town to visit the baby.

When she’s visited, she’s told me that pacifiers are for “lazy mothers” then took the pacifier out of my daughters mouth 😅

She also is constantly telling me how she wants to give my daughter her first bath 👀 Like, that’s what I want to do. That’s memories and events as a mom I want to experience.

English also isn’t my MIL first language, so she will often say things to my fiancé that I don’t understand. My fiancé will then tell me after she leaves of stuff she would like to do. For example, apparently she mentioned in her native language how she wants a priest to come to our house to see the baby. Which is something I’m completely not comfortable with and my fiancé knows that which is why he waits to translate all these things until she leaves. She also is making sure I get my daughters ear pierced which I know is kinda a cultural thing for them but my fiancé knows this is something I’m not wanting to do.

I know people will say I should just enjoy the help but I really feel smothered by her. She’s here constantly and I wanna enjoy and experience motherhood too without being criticized. Am I just overreacting?