Help please mummies


Sadly I had my first pregnancy loss in may :( I didn't find out until July .. any way long story sort I just wondered if it's normal to have your period early then usual after a miscarriage? I missed my period in June (miscarried in may).. so thought all was well until my scan in July.. I'm trying Again for my rainbow but every month I am due around the 25. - this month I finally got my period on the 16 th July .. is this normal do I now go by that date or my usual 25th for my test :) as now I'm confused when I'm actually due :/. - also just an insite I'm very regular!.. January 24 - February 25 march 25 April I missed may I miscarried on the 25 June I missed ( I presume because of the miscarriage) July was the 16th so very early for me..