I hate this


I am so disgusted with myself. I started going to the gym in March and I was feeling so good about myself. I was eating healthy, in my calorie range, the whole nine yards. I was even going to the gym twice a day with my husband. I had never felt so good about myself. I could see results, my friends could see results. I was so excited! Then my husband and I got really burnt on the Fourth of July and we didn’t go to the gym for a week while we were healing. (Red Flag) then I got a new job with a different schedule, so I haven’t been able to go in the mornings like I had been. My husband is always too tired after work to get into the gym with me, so we haven’t been going at night either. Needless to say, I’ve gained all my weight back, plus some... I feel so disgusting and I cry everyday because of it... I cannot believe I have once again failed myself and thrown away all my progress.. I’m so heartbroken