Am I a horrible person?

My boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, I have a high sexdrive & we’ve been having occasional sex ever since. It’s nothing more then that to both of use, but I’ve been getting to know a guy for 2weeks (mostly talking & exchanging pictures because he lives far away, but will be moving near me in 2months or so) the thing is, I’ve been getting this feeling that the guy I’m now talking to is gonna be something special. We have so much in common & he’s so much more mature then my ex. I’m dying for him to finally move near me, he seems like he cares a lot.

Is it wrong for me to have sex (just sex) with my ex nothing but. While still talking to the new dreamy guy?

Should I stop having sex completely for 2 or more months until he gets here? I can’t really masturbate, it doesn’t work for me I’ve tried way to many things.

Add: The new guy & I, both talked about not having a serious relationship specially not right away, we both have very busy lifestyles so we don’t get much spare time. He’s in the Air Force so he travels all the time & I’m in MedSchool, he knows I recently broke up with my ex & no he doesn’t know we were having sex until 3 weeks ago (I haven’t since I started talking to this guy) precisely because I feel it’s wrong even though my body wants it so bad. 🤦‍♀️

Response to Arlene & Emily: Thanks loves, that’s what I was going for. I’m definitely not gonna keep having sex with my ex once he gets here! It’s just sex, no strings attached and I agree with everything you both said!