[rated-r / 18+ only, please] day 5 post-incident and i'm still pissed

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i hope this is okay, omg, because i didn't think it would fit into any of the other groups

so, i was having sex with this guy. it was just beginning, and he's clean and everything. but the thing is, we started from the back and as we were doing it i asked if he was wearing a condom (i'd seen him grab one from his jar) and he said yes. well, something happened that made us stop having sex and i then found out that he was NOT wearing a condom. i constantly grilled him about it afterward and he said that he just wanted to "tease". that he wanted me to feel what it was like without it before he put it on.

i just feel so stupid. i mean, we didn't last because of said incident, and it's not like he came in me because we were JUST starting but still. i feel dumb as hell and i'm tempted to block him from contacting me.