Most annoying things people have said to you out in public


What are the most annoying encounters you’ve had with people who feel the need to comment on your pregnancy lately?

I love the last few weeks of pregnancy when I’m huge and everything’s a struggle and everyone feels the need to comment or stare 🙄

At grocery store tonight an annoying man approached me alone on an aisle and started asking me when I was due. Not in the mood to chat I just said, “Any day now!” He then asked “And you’re still out shopping?” Of course later on I think of so many snarky comments I could’ve made. I was just like, “I think I’ll have a little bit of warning before she comes.” He then grows more defensive sensing my irritation and says, “Oh yeah, what if your water breaks in the store, what would you do then?!”

Who says that?!

I just gave him a condescending look and was like “Don’t worry about it, I think I can handle it.”

I’ve gotten multiple comments this week from random people in disbelief that I should be running errands and driving around even though I’m due soon. Not to mention all the stares and whispers when I walk by. Ugh! People are so annoying!!