Hate my body..

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After I found out my partner (and baby’s dad) received nudes from some girl early in our relationship, I’ve become very self conscious. I am 5’9 and a little chubby with large breasts but I do not have a big ass. He likes girls with big butts and I know this because the only reason he had for cheating on me was “she has a nice ass”. I actually found the pictures so I know she has a big butt and that was the only reason he did it because her face is not pretty at all. He also watched porn behind my back for months, and that made me feel disgusting as well. (He knows I cant stand porn)

Anyway, all I ever think about is how bad I want to lose weight and make myself pretty so he would never want anyone else. I just sit here and bag on myself. I feel so hideous it makes me sad. I have a pretty face but I hate my body. I look in the mirror and feel disgusted with myself. I just want him to think I’m beautiful. All I have ever wanted is a man who will think I am absolutely beautiful and not desire anyone else sexually. But apparently that is very hard to come by these days...