šŸ˜žšŸ˜ži feel ignored by my child's father


yesterday we got in a huge argument. ever since then he hasn't said barely anything to me other than asking me to come pick him up from work. i think he ressent me. šŸ˜ž to make things worse, we not together no more. he got a new gf. I'm very unhappy and 5 months pregnant with his daughter. he has 2 boys already. this our 2nd child together. this our first girl. i thought he'd be happy but he has been avoiding me ever since i picked him up. he don't care nor see how this really hurt me. this makes me regret ever having his kids. because you don't treat a gurl like that. you say you supposedly love. i don't want to feel this way any more. i need help coping with these emotions. idk if its real or just me being pregnant. but i don't feel happy as i should be. i want to enjoy pregnsncy but in my situation, it's hard.