I’ve tried everything.


I’m trying to be understanding and less on the complaining side of things. But I’m just getting to the point I want to pull my own hair out or go out in a field and scream till my throat fucking burns. I’ve tried literally everything I could think of. Only one thing I’ve really tried successfully worked. Okay so here’s the deal I know lots of others have worse problems and rants then I do. But I’m like so frustrated over here. Y’all I can’t get this man to fuck/make love nothing... he didn’t even seem interested in what I had in store for him on his birthday(BJ ??!) any other time in our relationship in the past he loved having sex everyday all day practically... I’ve tried so many things. So should I just back off? Seem not interested? I don’t want him to think I’m cheating but I’m seriously like on the verge of leaving because of all the stress I’m under... I have serious back problems and I haven’t had my lady time in 107 days so it’s making me horny all the damn time...(went to the doctor waiting on results) he has no job he’s not working he barely gets out of the bed let alone the house and I just want to go on a drive and scream and cry but he’d probably think I’m going to some dude house... FML. Things were so much easier when he had a job 😭