Stress, stress, & more stress

Update: I have had a continual headache the entire week she has been here. She continued to try and see it as her house and not ours. Her dog tore up my floor again, which I got blamed for, and she snapped at me for telling her dog to leave me alone and so I snapped back and it started a huge war which ended with my telling her to remove herself and items from my home and she told me it was not my house and that once she started helping with bills it would become her house. My boyfriend told her last night to get along with me or leave and then told her earlier when it happened she had to leave since she didn’t want to get along with me. So now I’m trash, a b*tch, and I’m ruining his life according to her and his brother. I’m so over the drama. He told her she could come back on the terms that she respected me and respected the fact that this is our home. She has talked badly about him left and right as well while being here. So that’s upsetting too. And now she’s saying she will go to our landlord to get us evicted. I’m so over the drama.

So this past Thursday my boyfriends mom, who lived in Indiana, showed up where we live in Kentucky, and so we thought she was here for a visit. Well as of tonight we learned she’s here permanently, now we pay all our bills on our own, rent included, so you’d think it’s OUR home, welp, it hasn’t even been 72 hours and nope, it’s apparently HER home. I really do like her and all but when my cats have to stay cooped up in a room so her mean cat and dog can have my whole house, I get frustrated. We have 7 cats, we have kittens and just haven’t rehomed them yet, besides the point, she flat out told us they need to live outside, so I said well it’s my house so no, her dog attacked my cat today, my cat was blamed, she leaves 3-4 times a day and I’m left to care for her dog, she won’t move into a bedroom with said pets because my ferrets are in a bedroom, which I said I’ll move them when she moves into the room. Their cage is heavy and I’m not moving it unless needed. My front door is a revolving door and it drives me crazy. My boyfriend won’t say a word to her because it’s his mom and he doesn’t want to upset her. But I’m upset with how she thinks it’s her house when it’s not, and how my pets are being treated in their home. Ugh. Sorry it’s so long, not looking for advice just needed to rant and felt someone here would understand my feelings

Edited to add, not to mention her dog, who’s 10 years old, tore up my bathroom linoleum floor. So now we have to pay to fix it since we don’t own the house. How freaking awesome.