Heyo so I’m 16 in less then a week and I’m a virgin, I’m pansexual which means I like people for people not gender, and I’m Demi? I think so anyway... I’m currently in an open relationship with a female but she doesn’t do anything but kiss me sometimes and a hickey here and there but never anything sexual (which I dont mind, I’m very anxious and nervous with that kinda stuff) but lately... god... I could go for some dick right now like fuckkkkkkk..... the last week I’ve gotten turned on by just talking to a male, and ive been listening to this song and his voice is so god dam sexy and that turns me on too. I’ve never been this horny that ive wanted to have sex and with a dude... I’m scared to have sex for many reasons like how tf does it fit, will it hurt? God am I gonnna bleed?? Ahhhhhh but I dont know what to do because I tried to masterbate the other night and yea I came but I was still craving dick... I don’t know what to do because it’s getting to the point where I’m constantly horny... help??????