Is this too much?? 😳😬

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Guys I need some honest advice. I posted something like this a couple of weeks ago but need to update. I was at my bfs house today and we were making out on his couch and I was kind of sitting on his lap. He told me to hop up for a sec and did the waistband technique (if you don't know what that is, a guy like hides his boner in his waistband) which is nothing really unusual. We started making out again and I was like sitting on his lap, which felt good for him and me bc of his 'situation'. But this time I somehow ended up fully sitting on top of him and we were like grinding on each other. NOTE. STILL FULLY CLOTHED. I really liked it and I know he did too. We talk about this sort of stuff all the time, we are very open. HOWEVER!!! We are both 14 almost 15. I just want to know if I'm moving too fast. I personally like it. A lot. But

1. I don't know if I should and/or how to tell my parents. I feel like they would be mad at me and not let me see him anymore.

2. If I like it, shouldn't I be in charge of my own body?

Pls don't say "your young, just be kids." I've heard that a lot and it doesn't really help the temptation. Any advice is appreciated xx

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