baby shower blues 😞

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When I found out my husband and I were expecting our first child back in February no one offered to throw me a baby shower which is fine! I didn't mind planning it myself at all. I don't have much family I keep in touch with and a very small amount of close friends so it didn't really bother me. My husband's family makes up about 95% of the list which isn't an issue either because I enjoy his family. But with my shower about a month away and invites have been sent out a month ago I've only gotten maybe 4/5 RSVPs out of the 40 or so I sent out. I know I still have about two weeks before the rsvp deadline, but I'm feeling a little hurt that only a few people have taken to the time to RSVP. I filled out the enevelopes with the addresses and provided the stamp already on them as well so I could make it as easy as possible for people. All they had to do was check if they're coming or not and provide the number of people in their party then mail it out. I'm not angry at any of them just kind of sad, honestly. Am I crazy for feeling somewhat hurt by this? or should I try to shake it off seeing as everyone has a few more weeks? And if only get a couple of RSVPs do I just plan for who said they were coming?

This is mine and my husband's first baby so I have no experience planning a baby shower or know the etiquette.....