Ausuanaye • 🎀Arielle Marie & Arieah Lee Ann🎀 Jerome Jr💙

Arielle Marie Goddard 

July 23, 2018 • @ 5:07 PM • 7 lbs 14 oz & 19 3/4 in 

*Labor/Delivery/Birth Story* I was due July 20th and had no signs of labor. I was 1 cm dilated for like a month. My boyfriend and I went to the hospital Sunday night due to not really feeling my daughter move like she would. So we get to the hospital and after being there for two hours, found out everything was fine. So we left and went to get some tacos and the tacos I got were spicy spicy. So, after I ate the tacos, I stayed up until like 4 in the morning and then I finally went to sleep. Well, at like 6:30 in the morning, I slightly woke up and made eye contact with my boyfriend and then told him “I think my water broke” I felt wet but I didn’t know if it was pee or if my water really had broken so we smelled it and seen that my water did in fact break. So I got up and walked into the bathroom and a lot of fluid came out. So we went to the store hospital and the Nurse’s noticed my daughter pooped inside me, so we got in to our room around 7 AM. I was still 1 cm dilated and didn’t start having painful contractions until like 8:30 AM. They were pretty painful. And every time I had a contraction, family that was in the room irritated me just by being there lol. But when the contractions went away, I was feeling totally different and wanted them there lol. So, anyway, my nurse gave me medicine that would speed of my dilation and medicine to try to help the pain and that worked for like 5 minuets and then I needed more like every 10-15 minuets. I was finally dilating a little more and around 10 AM I was 4 cm and an hour later I was 6 cm and then I got the epidural and felt so much better. But, I did feel a lot of pressure and I could have sworn I felt her head or something coming out and I told my mom and my boyfriend but hey said it was just pressure and I said NO I feel something coming out, and was just gas. Lol. I felt so embarrassed. But, I was finally 10 cm and and started to push and then felt nauseous and started to throw up (green stuff , hopefully not baby’s poop🤢) on my mom and it splashed in her face (poor her) but as I was throwing up, my daughter actually slid out easily and I had her within 10 minuets of pushing. I tore just a little (dr said it was like a skid mark) and he stitched me up. But I started crying of joy hearing her little soft cry and seeing her💖. I thank my mom and my boyfriend for being there for me and doing as much as they did to comfort me before labor and delivery and after❤️. 

*Postpartum* I thought after having a baby, I would feel like crap. But I actually felt pretty good. My stomach was deflated lol, I wasn’t cramping, or I didn’t feel sick. I felt wonderful. And even the being at home part I’ve felt great every since I had her. No pain or anything, thank God💙.  Everything has been going great! But I do feel like my daughter is doing a little too much for a newborn lol.

Her Chin Dimples😍