I've been ttc since February and it still hasn't happen.. I'm not sure if my karma is getting back at me for all the years that i said I hated kids I dont want kids I'm tired of kids I rather struggled to have a family then to get pregnant right away ect..I took care of my two nephews for many years since I was 11 becuase my sister was a kid her self she was only 15 at the time she had her first then her second when she was 22... I'm trying to be positive but it's hard to think that I might have said the wrong things at the time and now I want a family and it's not happening. I think to my self what if now the karma won't give me kids and I won't be able to be a mother. I've never really had these thought until now and I'm not sure how to feel.

my sister is currently pregnant and I am upset to see everyone is super excited and giving her support feeling like that could have been me. she got pregnant at the time that I start ttc.. I just dont know when my time comes it well come until now i have to stay strong.