Normal PMS or...?


Ok so, the periods that I am used to are what I call "Periods from Hell!" They normally come pretty irregularly with heavy flow, horrible cramps that I normally have to take Tramadol for, and are always 7 to 9 days long. I haven't used birthcontrol in a long time because I have had many doctors tell me that I am not a good candidate for it. So anyways, my period this month started on July 23rd with very slight cramping and was only 4 days long! The first two days seemed like normal light flow and the last two were just a few spots here and there of brown blood nothing a panty liner couldn't handle. The part that I am suspicious about is that I have had two days of morning sickness. The first day was Saturday the 28th at 5 AM. and Today (Sunday) at 12 AM. I dont feel flu sick and the nausea and vomiting just comes on really quick and I feel perfectly fine afterwards in fact I feel instantly hungry after LOL. Does it seem like just some normal PMS or should I check it out further??