Pissed off

I was just informed by some coworkers that the 2 of them, and myself are on a 90 day probation because of what happened yesterday.

We were put downstairs in a little computer room to do our training videos. As we went, we were supposed to mark off videos we watched. We had about 3 hours to finish, or almost finish our video. I (everyone else was deli so they had 90-100 minuets, or roughly 12 videos) had 370 minuets (or 33 videos total). Well, it took 2 hours to watch 5 videos because the computers were buffering and lagging. After that, I completed 6 more videos before our manager came to get us. He looked at all 3 of our papers we explained that the computer were buffering and lagging like crazy, and kept us after everyone else left to talk to each of us individually in his office. He told ME, I did roughly and hours worth of work in 3 hours, and he was disappointed in me, and said it look like I slacked off. He NEVER stated I was on a 90 day probation. I just sat there not being able to say anything, because I couldn’t believe what he was accusing me of. On my 2nd day? REALLY? So I went home feeling guiltily, feeling horrible for “messing up” when it wasn’t even my fault. Just to find out today I’m on a 90 day probation for something I didn’t even do. ON MY SECOND FUCKING DAY OF WORK. It makes NO sense at all 😡