8weeks 2days

..on Tuesday @7 weeks 4days I had my second doc appointment. (vaginal check) no U/S so I didn't get to see heartbeat just yet! ( 3days to early)! doc informed me I had UTI. He said it was normal in early pregnancy. Next day very nauseated took meds and my day was fine. Well as soon as my SO gets home I had Biggest scare.!!!! 😖😖😖 felt something that felt like blood 😭😭😭😭 Go to bathroom and it's on my pants... I immediately tell my SO we are lost for words I'm crying thinking what to do.! So I shower ( no blood rushing out just as I clean) I'm thinking don't panic. don't panic!! I stepped out shower to get dressed and use restroom and there was a trickle of blood no clots no pain just blood!! I called my doc let him know. he asked me several question and told me to "to put myself on complete bed rest, no lifting, and no driving"! I lay there all night asking myself what did I do?? Next morning..... No bleeding what so ever... Has this ever happen to anyone and everything was totally fine? I have doc appointment in two days!