2nd time Mothers’


Hi! So my daughter is nearly 2 (21m to be exact), and my fiancé and I are feeling ready to start trying for baby number two. I currently have the paragaurd IUD but have an appointment on the 3rd of August for removal of the IUD. I’m wondering if any 2nd time moms or pregnant moms with toddlers can give me any advice and/or tell me their stories about raising two kids. I’m also interested in any advice for trying, and any stories about fertility after an IUD removal.

Backstory: My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years. We got pregnant after 9 months of unprotected sex, as we weren’t trying and we weren’t preventing. We just moved in to our new home and we both work. And....

We have baby fever!

Here’s a picture of our daughter as a new born-

A picture of her now-

I’d love some advice! Thanks for reading.