Was it sexual assault?


So about two months ago, I went to a party thrown by this girl at my school. I was stressed about upcoming finals and decided to drink to get rid of the nerves. Instead, I ended up being almost completely wasted, drunkenly dancing with a few people and my friends being there with me making sure I was fine. But later on during the party, the overwhelming stench of weed kind of got the worst of me and I began throwing up. So my friend took me to the bathroom, making sure I was okay. A guy, a friend of the host’s, then entered the bathroom, assuring my friend that he would watch over me since a mutual friend of me and the girl needed some help. So while I was throwing up, he kept telling me that it was okay and I felt his hand squeeze my butt and rub me in that area. I was wearing a cropped sweater and a pair of shorts. He kept doing this for awhile and when I stopped vomiting for a while (in the toilet) I asked him to get my friend and he did, leaving me and my friend alone in the bathroom. I was aware of what happened and told my friend, drunkenly crying. She helped me wash up and we went to the host, who ended up throwing the guy out of her house. Long story short, the cops ended up coming and I called my mom (after drinking three bottles of water) to come pick me up. Once she picked me up, she asked what happened and I told her that some kids had brought alcohol to the party (because she doesn’t let me go to parties if there’s alcohol so this is the first party I went to that she found out) and she smelled the alcohol on my breath. The next morning, she said it was normal to drink and that it was okay. I remembered what had happened but didn’t want to tell her.


I went to a party and got wasted. I was throwing up in the bathroom and a guy I didn’t even know touched me. I didn’t tell my mom the next day because I remembered what happened but wasn’t sure if it was what I thought it was.