Neeeed other opinions. Trying to be an understanding gf


A few months ago me and my bf broke up. Mainly bc I caught him flirting with another girl, and bc I really wasn’t enjoying our relationship. We ended up talking things out bc he knew how much he fucked up and although I wasn’t planning on taking him back I did. Anyhow, he gave me access to his location so that I can see at anytime just as one of his ways of showing me that he’s going to be open and honest with me. No I did not ask for it but I figured why not and shared my location with him as well. He’s never had a problem with it and I’m not always checking to see where he is. And usually if I randomly ask him where he is he tells me to check It anyways. Lately he’s been questioning me using it. Like this morning I noticed he got to work 2 hours early which I thought was weird. And I only checked bc we work a few blocks from each other and we’re supposed to start at the same time. I thought there might be a possibility of meeting up or seeing each other before work. But when I noticed he was already there, 2 hours early, I asked him why. He told me the reason and then asked why am I constantly looking at his location and that it feels like I’m tracking him. It just seems weird to me that he’s asking me this now because he was the one who suggested it and it never seemed to bother him before. I honestly wouldn’t care if he saw my location bc I’m not doing anything and if he has a question about my whereabouts I’m cool with answering. It’s about communication. Anyhow, does anyone think it’s overly invasive of me? I mean, he literally gave me the access his self and told me I could use it whenever. It’s not like I sit around watching his every move.