Have you met with hospital and discussed labor and delivery costs

so I am wondering if anyone with private insurance has met with hospital billing and can say exactly what they will be paying when they deliver or do you just wait for the bill? I am trying to see if I can price match and find ways to save money? I am going to labor at home as long as I can and avoid an epidural and hope it saves me money? I wish I still qualified for Medicaid lol am I the only one that feels like it's not fair that labor and delivery costs are different for everyone like one may be 4000 another like 800 and some free? like why cant there be a flat fee or universal lol! someone told me they met with a hospital billing representative and was told exactly how much it would cost and they paid cash after 9 months of saving I dnt believe it? I've never had anyone meet with me to discuss exact costs it's always been whatever insurance does not pay Is your responsibility and sign here?

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