Just put my foot down with Tummy Touchers!! 😂

MyLittleButtercup • An amazing two year old little girl and a miracle baby boy born September 1st 2020. Livin the dream! 😎

So, as pretty much all of you either are not looking forward to or have already learned to hate, people want to touch your pregnant belly. People that you either don’t know at all, or don’t know well. Either way it’s so annoying. I can count on one hand who I don’t mind touching my stomach without asking.

So to preface, my MIL’s husband is nice but strange. My husband doesn’t consider him his stepdad and I definitely don’t consider him my Father In Law, to put it into perspective.

So, I just rode over to help he and my MIL pick their car lock bc they locked the keys in it. Afterward, they freaked out because I picked up an EMPTY ice chest to put it in the back. I said “Y’all have to chill out. Y’all are going to have to get over this. I’m pregnant, not dying.” And he said, “That’s my grandchild in there and I’m going to protect it!” And I said, “I’m pretty sure an empty ice chest isn’t going to take MY child out.”

And then......

He reached out to touch my stomach! Whattttt?! So I swerved him.

And he said, “What? You don’t like people touching your belly?” I said, “I mean, I didn’t reach out and touch your stomach at any point did I?”

He said “Okay. Well now I know. You don’t like people touching your stomach.” I said, “If it makes you feel better, it’s not just you I don’t want rubbing on me. It’s pretty much people in general.... But I feel like that’s pretty standard.”

Anyway, I though you ladies could appreciate a tale of heroic honesty and empowerment. Haha! Hope you enjoyed.