Faith & ttc


Making this choice is sometimes hard to do when we are trying for our baby miracle and it hasn’t happened yet. Especially when you are struggling to conceive, you find yourself asking will it ever happen? 2 Chronicles 20:20- have faith in the lord your God and you will be upheld, have faith in his prophets and you will be successful. I choose faith, it is the one thing that gets me through this tough journey. God is good, I trust in his word and his will for my life. Choosing faith has made me a much happier person in this journey. I am joyous & hopeful and that is a big deal, because I wasn’t always this way. In the beginning of ttc I really struggled with depression, doubt, hopelessness. Cast your burdens upon the lord, he will take care of you. Let’s choose faith together, after all God is the one sure thing in this world. Let’s choose faith, our baby miracles are coming, we just have to trust in him. Praying for all of you ladies walking this journey.