Pre-term labor


Anyone else dealing with pre-term labor contractions?

I went in last weekend to hospital (33w4d) with consistent contractions but they never got SUPER painful; mostly just the frequency is what I went in for. AnywAy, they kept me over night. I never dilated. I was given shot for babys lungs and one to stop contractions. The shot didn’t work so then a pill. After about 3 doses of the pill they finally started spacing out. I was still not dilated but was 70% effaced and my cervix was very soft and was told baby had dropped. ....and I was sent home the next day (33w5d).

Since then I have been taking the pill every 6-12 hours and it has kept them to anywhere from 10 minutes apart to sometimes over an hour apart.

I went in to doc appointment a few days later (34w1d) and was dilated to a 1, and baby has dropped more and was measuring just a little small.

Doctor seems to think we can make it to at least 35 weeks (this Tuesday July 31) and we are hoping we can keep him in even longer; but he said he won’t keep me on the pill past 36 weeks.

I’m not going to lie, a part of me hopes that as soon as I am off the pill, I will go into labor because this pregnancy has been MISERABLE!! But I want to ensure he has developed to his full potential too.

Anyone else have stories of preterm labor and/or experience with the procardia pill and contractions??