14 dpo and a blazing positive within 30 seconds!

I forgot to take a picture within time frame but super early this morning I got the two lines that I had been trying for 1.5 years for and about gave up on. I couldn't believe it I was shaking so much. I had originally planned to tell my husband in some cute way but instead I went and woke him up. I put it in his hand he just stared and starting smiling. he didn't say anything (which is normal for him) for a long while then he chuckled and said "we need a bigger house". after that we just laid together silent for a long while and shared a few happy tears... we have been trying since February-ish of 2017 and in December I found out I had pcos. after taking metformin and doing three rounds of clomid I was so close to giving up. my faith was shaken, my fire was gone. we took a month or so off and decided to try something else one more time because I was tired of shoving hormone pills down my neck. my doctor put me on 5mg of femara beginning of July and with holiday, work and other events we really hadn't BD enough I thought. but this last week I'd say, I just felt so crummy. migraine I couldn't kick, cramps, soooo tired, peeing alot more, congested. I would have started my period tomorrow but something this morning when I woke up told me to take a test, what the hell could it possibly hurt. at first there was nothing so I gave it a few more seconds and there it was so bright and bold there was no faint about it... I am so over the moon but I am terrified. I want this baby so much I pray so hard that it's a sticky bean.. sorry for the long post but I had to share since we aren't telling anyone until I'm at least 12 weeeks.. thank you for reading :)