I know I can girl gush with ya’ll 😍❤️

Elizabeth • 😍💕 7.20.19 Ella Marie made me a mommy ❤️

My husband spent months and months saving up to get me the most jaw dropping engagement ring I’d ever seen, but after deciding to elope almost a year and a half ago, we didn’t have money for a real diamond/real gold wedding ring at the time.

But during my last ring inspection, my hubby had finally saved enough for me to pick out a new one!!! Went to pick it up today, and he asked to recommit the ring to me

in front of everyone in store!! (Aka will you accept this new ring as a symbol of my love and commitment etc) and omg, I’m so in love my new wedding band and can’t believe I’m so lucky to have him!!

*End Girl Gush Moment*