Best friend is a hoe

I’m done sugar coating it; my best friend is kind of a hoe. She’s called herself a hoe before, and she’s had unprotected sex at 13 with a guy she’d been dating for a few weeks. The other boyfriends she’s had she sexted within a week of dating them. She’s never kept a boyfriend longer than 3 months, and she makes a game out of being petty and playing mind games with different guys. Also, she first started dating the guy she had sex with while she still claimed to be in love with her ex (who she dated for a month or so), and she felt absolutely no shame in the fact that she was lying to this other guy about loving him. Recently I referred to the guys she picks up as her “boy toys,” and she got angry at me because it apparently implied she was a hoe. I told her she wasn’t and that I was sorry if the term offended her, and she left me on read. She’s great in most other aspects, so I don’t want to let her sexual activity ruin our friendship, but I don’t know how to deal with her pettiness and denial about it. Any advice??