hpt in am

UPDATE: still no AF but bfn. i thought i might of felt implantation 12dpo. so idk how long a bfp would take to register. still really hopeful Esp If no AF today. I am very regular. ********** so I'm going to take an hpt test in the morning. my period was due today. tmi warning*** I did notice that I had a huge clump of white snot like cm when I was checking cervical position. cp is really high. I been sneezing hard like crazy with runny/stuffy nose. I never have cycles longer than 28 days. usually they are 25-27. I'm friek in out bc I actually believe I'm gonna be pregnant. should my hpt for sure have a second line since it will be a day past my period day? this will be my first baby and it's been an 11 month journey already and I'm 38 with low amh. I understand I still may get af but I'm just feeling so positive this time!