Been feeling useless since I started depending on him..


Recently my bf offered to help me pay for school that way I could go back next semester since I couldn’t pay it on my own. I was honestly so shocked that he offered and I felt so grateful that he would help me do something that’s going to help my future. However, after he offered I feel like things changed. He’s down my throat about any money I spend, even on things that I feel I need. To me, necessities are still things like hair and face product. Just bc I’m broke doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep up with my appearance. Anyhow, he pays for our food whenever we’re together which I never ask, and I always pull my card out but he does it anyways. We haven’t gone on any dates lately, but he’s been going out a lot with his friends and is going sky diving with one this week. I don’t really like this friend and I’ve always pictured us going sky diving together. I feel like it’s so cute and such a nice memory to have with a SO. When I told him, he kind of just threw in my face the fact that I didn’t have money and how he wasn’t paying for me to do stuff and when I get money then we can do fun things. I get that he shouldn’t have to pay for me and I honestly have NEEEVER asked for anything in our whole relationship. Like ever. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t like to depend on others but I’m kinda feeling like this one time that I am he’s being a little shady about it. Thoughts?? I’m not being ungrateful at all, I fully appreciate everything he’s done for me, He just said it in such a rude way. It made me feel really useless, or like less of a person because I don’t have the money to do things with my man