Round 2 of ivf and not much change in meds?


I stared BC 3 days ago in order to get ready for round 2 of

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. Last round in June I had 7 follicles 5 eggs retrieval 4 we’re mature all 4 done with icis and only 1 fertilized and it made it to day 5 to be frozen as a 4BB embryo (no pgs testing done) this was round 1 meds: 150 menopure 375 global-f (follistim).

Dr is making a little change for round 2 with meds: 150 menopure again and up to 450 of glonal-f/ follistim. I know I should trust my dr but this change seems very minimal.

Any experience with this situation. I wish he did something different this time Bc I keep reading how these types of meds may just not be for me and that’s why I had low success. Not sure how to feel but trying to be optimistic. 😐 btw round ones eggs all came from right ovary, my left did not respond. Oh and I’m diagnosed with low ovarian reserve/ and or/ poor egg quality.