The story of the Voodoo Dick 👹🍆

A young man was going on a business trip for 3 months and didn’t want to leave his nympho of a wife sexually deprived, since she would cheat on him. The next day he went to a sex shop and asked the worker if he had anything that would satisfy a women for a long period of time, he suggested vibrators,dildos and other mundane toys but the man said those toys wouldn’t satisfy his sex crazed wife and that she needed something more powerful. The worker then led the man to the back room and pulled out a box from under a shelf, the worker then opened the box which revealed a wooden dildo like object, the worker then said this is called the voodoo dick it is very powerful and must be used with caution, in order to make it work ur wife must say “voodoo dick my pussy” and to stop it u say “voodoo dick, stop”. The man agreed to buy it. When he got home he showed his wife what he had gotten her and told her how to use it, the wife didn’t think it would satisfy her but she would give it a try anyway. The next morning the wife decides to try it out so she opens the box. And says “voodoo dick my pussy” the dick then started penetrating her vigorously she was having multiple orgasms a minute. After a few hours she decided she’d had enough but her husband forgot to tell her how to stop it, so in a panic the woman hops in her car, still having orgasms, and starts heading toward the hospital, the orgasms are so powerful that she can’t even drive,this is when a cop notices this and pulls her over, she rolls down her window and he asks the women why she was driving like that and breathing heavily. The women then told him the story about the voodoo dick, the officer didn’t believe her and said “voodoo dick my ass” 🍆🍑