marriage finances

so my husband doesnt let me work ,we have been together 5 years married 4 years, we got pregnant quickly into the relationship , he told me i could quit my job in the beginning so i did since having my first child (we have two) he has not wanted me to work , i tried to once but the only person he will allow to watch the kids is his mom or mamaw and neither will do it like on a regular basis and he refuses anyone else to so i feel as if i have no options here so today he owed his family member 100 so mu dad gave me 50 for something he is buying from me . so his family said to us we need that 100...i thought my husband didnt have it bc he said he is low on money so i said ok ill give him my 50 whatever I don't care about money bc i never have any well i sold my friend my rug so i gave the family the rest of the money i had so that was the 100 he owed them well i looked in his wallet just now to see he has over 100 and he gets paid Thursday and on top of that he makes $25/hr and he knows im going to my friends house tomorrow didnt give me or offer me any money at all and i RARELY go anywhere and it makes me sad to think he thinks this low of me ..he never ever offers me money or anything he pays bills he keeps all the money , he buys my food , puts a roof over my head and sometimes buys me things if i ask but i dont ask often just kind of feeling like maybe this is the end of my marriagešŸ˜© i realise my marriage isnt normal but i never realised how bad it is