I turn 17 in a few days, and I’m 4’8. I know that technically it’s not a big deal, and I like my height most of the time. Sure there are a lot of drawbacks, like people doubting that I’m capable of doing anything for myself and being mistaken for 12 all the time. But what has been bothering me most for the past few weeks is the realization that I will never be beautiful or pretty. I will always be cute, which again, is not such a horrible fate, but in a way it’s a reminder of how people see me. I honestly kind of hate myself right now, and I was doing really well a while ago. I just can’t seem to like what I see in the mirror. I feel the need to wear heels a lot so I can feel confident, which sucks a bit. I’m currently working on loving everything about my body, from my curves to my height. It’s just hard to love something everyone else tells you is bad.

I really needed to rant and I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this kind of thing. So thank you if you read any of it.

This is me.