Am I wrong? 😫

Alexis • Mommy of 3 💜💙💖. Baby #3 due Dec 2021.

As my due date slowly approaches I’m realizing that after I have my son I don’t want to be bombarded with visitors and even while having him I don’t want anyone in the room but his father if possible . The only problem is my son’s grandmother (boyfriend’s mom) wants to be in the room when he’s born... I don’t know how to kindly tell her that I don’t want her in the room. Not because I’m just some kind of hateful female but more or less because 1. My vag may be all out 2. I may be having a c section so that already has me feeling emotional 3. She has a new boyfriend every other week and I don’t want a random guy watching my son be born.... Every time I’ve brought up something during this pregnancy that she doesn’t like though she gets defensive and feels like I’m coming for her personally. For example, I decided not to do a baby shower (because I already have too much going on and didn’t feel like dealing with the planning) but anyways she goes into a rant about how I should have let her plan it yada yada but I knew if I had put my all into letting her plan it I would have been devastated. That’s just an example though but I honestly don’t want her in there and don’t want my boyfriend coming at my throat for asking his mom not to be in there....

(Side note: My mom will most likely be in the room but only because she helped me deliver my daughter and was emotionally supportive during the process)

What I’m wondering is am I wrong for not wanting her in there? 😓