I Feel So Rotten!


This morning my eldest removed her nappy. So I just allowed her to be naked whilst I dealt with her younger sister, changing her nappy. I then put on my sling so I can carry her whilst I go about giving my eldest her breakfast and start with my chores.

Funnily enough, my eldest pooped (she did try warning me) so it ended up all over the floor whilst she stared at them and kept going! This is where it all went wrong!...

So I popped the baby into the sling as I normally do before. Made sure it was flat and secure, grabbed the baby wipes and started picking and cleaning the pool off the floor. In the midst of cleaning I just saw my baby flop out of the sling and then bang! She hit the wooden floor and I quickly grabbed her but not quick enough!)

I feel so rotten and horrible, shes always been so happy and now shes crying because I let her fall! 😭😭

I've never done that before with my first. I just hope she's ok (she seems to be fine and the red mark on her heads gone.)

She is only 7 weeks old 😭