Sperm results improved


I just wanted to give a little hope to people out there as this is what I was looking for when we first got my husband’s SA results in June as they were really poor:

Concentration 7 million/mil (should be >15)

Total sperm 27 million (should be >39)

Progressive motility 3% (should be >32%)

Vitality 30% (should be >58%)

Normal morphology 2% (should be >4%)

We we so sad and it felt like a huge blow. My husband is fit (plays football) and was a good weight. He drank probably more than he should, but not a huge amount. He smoked socially too.

We had always thought he might be celiac too as he had digestive issues and other autoimmune responses like rashes and hay fever. He also felt really tired and moody.

We decided to start a health kick and vitamins. This is what we did:

1. No gluten at all

2. Limit alcohol (only once or twice a week, and mostly fewer than 4 drinks)

3. Generally eating healthier (we are usually pretty healthy eaters anyway)

4. No more social smoking.

5. Less stress and more sleep.

6. More exercise.

7. Vitamins: menevit, zinc, maca 5000, vitamin c, vitamin Bs (careful some of these contain gluten), CoQ10, magnesium

6 weeks later we had him retested and just got the results. Whilst they are still a tiny bit lower than they should be, they are so close to normal and we are confident that they will be perfect after 11 weeks (time it takes to make sperm). Current results below:

Concentration 11 million/mL (should be >15)

Total sperm 33 million (should be >39)

Progressive motility 30% (should be >32%)

Vitality 80% (should be >58%)

Normal morphology 6% (should be >4%)

We are so over the moon with how they have improved and are hopefully for a natural pregnancy this year! My husband is also feeling so much better, physically and mentally.

Just wanted to share this to give you some hope and to show you that you can make a difference!