I can’t do it anymore.

My parents are divorced and live 4 states apart. I’ve been traveling back and forth since I was 7 and I’ve always cry when I leave my mom. I only get to see my mom in the summer and winter breaks. Sometimes spring break. I don’t like my dad because he does drugs and is an alcoholic. Sometimes he gets abusive, and I feel really uncomfortable around him. I really don’t want to go back to my Dad’s. I’m so stressed out because of that and my first day in high school. I spent all this week crying my eyes out at night because I’ll miss her so much. It’s so hard on me. My dad lives in Illinois and my mom lives in Georgia. I usually live at my best friends house for the year. I can’t deal with this anymore. I’ve talked to my mom but I can’t move with her until a year or two. My dad only wants custody of me because he has something my mom wants and doesn’t have. I’ve self harmed multiple times and I’ve been depressed and have had episodes. I just can’t do this anymore.