Can’t bring myself to orgasm... 😭 Please help!

I’m one of those people who masturbate but either can’t or won’t orgasm, let alone cum. 😭

I’m guessing that part of the reason is that I’m a bit scared (if that’s the right word) to do either. It’s hard to explain why, but this happens when I just stop or tell my boyfriend to stop when the feeling becomes intense.

Any tips on how to overcome this?

To go more in-depth, I need tips on how to stimulate my clit and my g-spot better... Sometimes, even when I’m extremely horny and rub my clit, i don’t feel anything pleasurable for a good amount of time, so I stop. With my g-spot, it’s similar but whenever (I think) I’m doing it right, I feel pressure building in that area, and almost feels like a “I need to pee” sensation.

Please help 😭 I want to experience orgasm and bring myself there but I clearly have to get over these obstacles first. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips would be appreciated 😫🙌