Hair growth problems! Help!!


I cut my hair to my jaw just after Christmas.

Instant regret and wanting to grow it back!

Since January, I’ve been taking hair skin and nails vitamins, extra biotin, I haven’t been bleaching it like I normally do, I use growth oils, biotin shampoo and use hair masks. I’ve also been trying the inversion method (putting your head upside down and giving yourself a scalp massage to stimulate the hair.)

The bottom layer of my hair has grown so fast! Almost 6 inches since January!

But the top layer of my hair has not grown a single inch... the top layer of my hair is still at my jawline! No matter what I do it will not grow!

I look like I have a mullet!

I have tried regular trims, not using a blow dryer or straightener... everything! And I still won’t grow!!

Anyone know why this is happening? Or what I could do to get it to grow like the rest of my hair?!